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Editing Hybrid Symbols

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After editing the 3d component of a hybrid symbol, I need to adjust the 2d component to match. This is difficult to do since you can't see the 3d objects when you are editing the 2d component.

Am I missing something here?

Do I need to recreate a whole new hybrid symbol? I guess I could select "edit 2d component", cut the 2d component, exit, paste the 2d component over the remaining 3d component, adjust the 2d to match and create a new symbol.

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This is a bit of a challenge as you say. Its a little simpler than you describe, but not much.

Select "edit 2d component", cut the 2d component (the 2D component is now empty), right click and choose edit 3D component, choose paste and now adjust your 2D component to match the 3D component. When you exit the symbol the 2D components will "jump back" to where they should be in the 2D component.


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Just tried it! Thanks. It does save a couple steps.

Now if I could find a way to easily make a 2d representation of a 3d model. For instance, a stairway. To represent it in 2d, I guess I have to draw it from scratch over my 3d model. I tried extracting the geometry from my model which still gives me 3d objects. I tried converting a copy of the top view of the model to polygons, but that gives me many extra lines representing the top, bottom and edges of my 3d shapes.

There are standards for the 2d representation of an object. For instance, a doorway has a dashed line representing the opening. (a horizontal section of the door unit) In the future I hope Vectorworks has tools to create the 2d component of a hybrid symbol from the 3d model.

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If you want planar geometry when using the Extract tool, turn that option in the tool's preferences (the icon looks like a wrench and a pencil in the mode bar).

If you use the Vectorworks stair, wall, door etc. tools they will do exactly as you're asking for. Unfortunately most scenery doesn't necessarily conform to what these tools are able to create.... so hybrid symbols are your only option. I've found the slab and floor tools helpful as well for decks and platforms.


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