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The shift key should always work so I'm not too certain why that is happening.

Snapping on the other hand has a lot of factors to consider.

First, are the appropriate constraints turned on? If you don't have at least "Snap to object" you will have a hard time here. Also, you should go into your preferences and make sure that the snap radius is set to a good number. About 5 pixels seems to work well for most people.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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The problem that I have seems to occur most often when I am resizing double line polygons. When I drag the selected vertices and hit shift while using the "Moves handles of polygons."tool it never appears constrained on the screen. I am always dragging the polygon to a parallel guide line.

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I have also been noticing that the smart cursor doesn't always allow the object that I am dragging to snap to the corner or edge that I have selected. I will show up correctly on the screen and when I release the mouse it snaps to the next object to the left/right. Is this an issue with my monitor? confused.gif" border="0

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I have noticed that snapping in VW 9.5.2 is more difficult than in 8.5.2 as well. Unless I take allot more time, zoom way in, and very carefully snap to an object, it will not always snap to the object, and may be off a few pixels. This was not the case in VW 8.5.2. I have fooled around with the snap radius setting too, and this does not seem to help.

Is this due to the increased accuracy of VectorWorks 9?

And also, why does snapping not work for selecting objects? When I approach an object with the cursor and the SmartCursor Cues say "Point", if I press the mouse, shouldn't I be selecting that object?I realize the SmartCursor has never worked for selection, but why not?

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I'm so glad to read these postings. I am a new user to the program (I'm an AutoCad kinda guy) and have been noticing how difficult it is to snap accurately. This is driving me nuts. I cannot imagine using a program where it is so difficult to perform a task that is so basic to almost every command. I have it on snap to object and even snap to intersection and it still won't snap to intersection accurately on a consistant basis. It is set at 5 pixels. What else can I do before I through my computer out the window?

Also, I noticed that the undue command will not always put an object in the same place. Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks. cool.gif" border="0

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If you have Snap to Grid or Reference Grid selected, you could very well be smapping to one of those rather than an object. The Reference Grid is generally smaller than the snap grid and can cause issues when snapping to objects, if it is set to a small number. You may actually be snapping to the grid points rather than an object, hence the "point" cursor cue sometimes.

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I am keenly aware of the snapping issues when Snap to Grid is active. But that is why we typically work with the Snap Grid and Reference Grid both set to 24" symmetrical, and never have snap to grid turned on in the constraints palette(We only turn on snap to grid when dimensioning, to get evenly spaced dimension strings.)

But are you telling me there is also a way to turn on snapping to the reference grid? It is my understranding that snap to grid snaps only to the Snap Grid and that the Reference grid is only for visual reference. What does the reference grid have to do with snapping?

My snapping problems seem to be more general in nature. It just seems that in comparing VW 9.5.2 to VW 8.5.2, something has changed, and snapping is not as "second nature" as it was, and more care and effort have to be applied when snapping in 9.5.2.

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Both grids offer points to snap to. They are consider "objects". It's a problem for a few people. I've put something about this in the wish list per another customer. I can add something else -- just say the word, and I'll copy and paste your request to the wish list.

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It's a problem with VW's 'speed' of working with the floating point values. It's most noticeable when watching the random numbers generated by the tape measure tool. There's the issue of out-of-synchronism between the cursor and the coordinate field updating, but the same asynchronism may have something to do with the snapping problem...

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