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  1. Thank you very much to all of you. I just have to insert a CASE OF, so. Great great community, here Best regards Francesco
  2. Hello. I haven't scripted for some years and never used a lot modern dialogs. I try to know how Pushbuttons work.. in fact, what happens when the user clicks on such a thing ? What happens and how to retrieve data passed, what kind of data and how to use it ? If someone can help, many thanks in advance Francesco
  3. Hello...nice question. The first basic thing would be allowing VS to handle jpegs in dialogs and in info palettes. To be able to manage dialogs ? la Archicad. 2 : handling buttons 3 : Syntax colouring 4 : drawing dialogs as in Visual Basic or Delphi or... 5 : Pascal is relatively nice, but some cad packages allow scripting in more than one language. Thanks Francesco
  4. Thanks for your reply. The button deal seems more hermetic to me, anyway. There's some info around ? Francesco
  5. Auto-answer. OK. The trick is to create symbols by script and erasing them after having called the dialog. Simple. 1. PIO (door for example) 2. Check-box in the info palette calling the dialog (a vss in this case) 3. Go back to the PIO after having hit 'OK' and uncheck the check-box. The symbols created are erased by the way. I found these problems : - The screen doesn't regenerate even with 'redrawall'. There's to put a 'SetZoom(GetZoom)' in the pio code. - The latest symbol drawn remains in the ressource palette.
  6. Hello. This works...until there's a symbol. What about a permanent image control in a dialog ? A handle to a picture ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello. VW 8 (or 7, I don't remember) had plugins uncrypted. If you find some old cd, install & take a look.
  8. Hi Imt ... how about a clue to get VW 12 in Belgium now ? Thx.
  9. "...what would you like to see coming out of VectorWorks that you don't currently?" Hello. Thanks for asking. I think we'll have to wait sompe long monthes for '12' here in Belgium. Anyway, what is described in the pdf flyer seems very exciting. From my point of view, it would be interesting to allow us to open more than one 'instance' of the design space for a same project, maybe in the same way as sheet tabs in excel. So switching from a viewport where you control your plans, details,.. to tabs with predefined views of the project would allow you to quickly modify things. Maybe a control-command click on a tab would open it as a standalone window. And/or : opening different files in tabs + viewports where views from different files would be allowed. Just suggestions. Please don't take this for blind criticism and sorry for my limited english. All the best. Francesco
  10. You're right. As in Sketchup. Another similar wish, for layers :'grey others' with snapping enabled. And by the way : when you begin to draw a line or rect, just type their dimensions and the job is done (Still Sketchup idea). Regards, Francesco
  11. Thank you all. So it's PC here and didn't know about this macro utility. Regards Francesco
  12. Hello.. maybe someone can help me. Sometimes I have to work in another office where I installed the 11.5 VW too. I carry the dongle from a place to the other. Anyway, I am not able to carry the VW preferences. I tried to copy the 'Plugins' and 'Standards' - Standards is 'Templates' here. My shortcuts are not imported. Is there some file I did forget ? (PC, VWA 11.5.x, Localized belgian french version) Thank you for your suggestions Francesco
  13. I don't know if I'm in the right place, anyway : (...) VAR P1,P2 : POINT; (...) RECT(P1.x,P1.y,P2.x,P2.y); (...) Is a little heavy to manage. What about, whenever points are to be written, to be allowed to do this : RECT(P1,P2); ? With the ability left to extract x or y components with the dot notation ? Thank you Francesco
  14. Thank you. Meanwhile I found a topic about this in the archives. Best regards, Francesco
  15. Hello When clipping a surface with another, Lactlayer doesn't point on the resulting object. Does somebody can give me a hint on how to retrieve this ? Thank you Francesco
  16. I wish transparency as an attribute for objects without having to use an 'overlay' layer. Thanks Francesco
  17. Don't apologize and thanks for your comments, jan(15). To Wjb and Species : this pattern is easy to script, why dont you use my Iso code as a starting point ? Regards Francesco
  18. Hello all Maybe my english is bad. Sorry. As you've noticed, there's an insulation tool of mine on the vectordepot...and it's not an upgrade of somebody's else. This version hasn't a 'rigid' mode. Here's a link for an enhanced pio with a 'rigid mode' button. It's surely not a standard design, but here in Belgium builders understand it. www.archFB.be/0000-ISO01.vso Regards
  19. Hello I have written an insulation tool and it's at the vectordepot. This tool has now new features and has 3 rigid modes. It will be part of a whole set of archi tools available as soon as possible. If you have questions, just mail me. Regards Francesco
  20. Thank you Alexandre. I have added 2 control points to reshape the thing, as you suggested. That works. Best regards, Francesco
  21. Hello Does somebody know how to control from the code the insertion mode (mode bar) of a rectangular PIO ? Thank you
  22. Hello, I fully agree with this : Illustrator, Archicad and Autocad offer great layer management features. The best would be to imagine something totally revolutionnary for Vectorworks. Other : transparency, with slider settings from transparent to fully opaque, as attributes for objects themselves instead of the on/off overlay mode. Thank you
  23. Hello all, Once again would it be so hard to add these features to VS ... 1. Button tools (No need to click on the screen); 2. Control of the icons appearing on the status bar; 3. A real and secure enkryption method; 4. Some way to add picture controls to dialogs without the need of a mac (PC users); Thank you. Francesco
  24. Hello, I didn't try it yet but I've heard it works as the Artlantis plugin. You edit things inside VW and then you export. There are 2 choices : or you export to a new file or you edit an existing artlantis (c4d?) file. Regards
  25. Hello did anyone of you try to run VW (The Windows version) on Lindows OS ? Thank you Francesco
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