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Wall Color Attributes


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I've only been using VW since the early MiniCad days, yet it still has (increasingly) the ability to bring me to tears.

This time it's regarding wall color visibility, which, try as I might for the last two hours, WILL NOT CHANGE. The wall wants to remain white (or maybe it's unrendered, I don't really know). Changed the wall class, making sure the class had the correct color, changed the object attribute palette to a solid fill, etc., etc.

This is VW 2010.

Any help would be appreciated.




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I would agree to examine the styled wall issues. There are now so many different ways to set attributes for walls as well as different types (textures can appear similar to fills at times) it has become very confusing and unwieldy. You need to check through the attributes palette, the classes dialog, the wall styles, the component styles and I'm sure I've missed something or two. The defaults (checkboxes) in these various places also tend to override each other. I have to resort to trial and error through all of them to find the right checkbox when something doesn't behave as I think it should and yes it can be very frustrating. VW's bills them as features and flexibility though......

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