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Symbol and Detail Item attributes

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I am starting to draft some details for the 1st time using VW2008 (Architect) and I cannot figure out some things:

What is the difference between Detail items found in the Detailing Toolset, and symbols dragged in from one of the Library files (i.e. 00_Detail_LG_Metal Framing)?

Is there a way to bring more items into the Detailing Toolset - like metal studs, for instance?

If not, I am wondering how to control the "symbols" dragged in from a resource so that the object inherits the attributes of the class that I place it on. In other words, a detail item placed from the Detailing Toolset will do this, but my symbol taken from the Library folder resources do not. Surely there must be a way to do this, but I am not sure where in the Manual to find this info. Any suggestions?


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mmiles, most of the tools generate objects using the nominated parameters.

Where the tools access symbols these come from files located in the Defaults part of the Libraries or from symbols located in the active file. For example with the Repetitive Unit tool there is a folder named Repetitive Unit and within it there are sub folders containing files with symbols in them. When using the tool you have to nominate the symbol to be used. You can choose from these sub-categories or from symbols in the Current Document. Therefore if you want to use a symbol from the General Libraries you need to first import it into the Current Document.

The tool Default Content can be varied as you wish by adding or removing files from the appropriate Default Content Folder, or by editing the Default Content Library files. However the best place to add your own content is in your User Folder Defaults Library Folder or in a Workgroup Library Folder.

Therefore with Symbol based tools you can access symbols from:

  • General Library Defaults.
  • User Library Defaults.
  • Workgroup Library Defaults.
  • Current Document.

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Thanks. I understand what you are saying.

However, I still do not understand how to generate, or create symbols that have attributes (i.e. line color, line thickness) that will change depending on which class a symbol is placed.

Now, in AutoCAD, one would draw linework for a symbol (called blocks) on the class (called layers) 0 (zero), and then within a drawing file place the symbol on the desired class to assume the class settings. I see from using some symbols that this is what happens in VW, but I do not know how that is being controlled. Nor, can I find any particular area in the manual that explains best practices for the creation of of symbols. For instance, what is the idea behind using the class "none"?

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A Group can assume that behaviour but a symbol won't. Once you set the Class of an object within a symbol it will use the attributes of that Class only, regardless of what Class the symbol itself is placed in.

If you describe what you're actually trying to achieve maybe we can give you a suitable workflow.

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I do not understand how a group, or a symbol would assume that behavior.

I inadvertently created that situation while developing a new title block, but I cannot replicate the behavior as I do not know what caused it in the first place.

Here is what I am doing: using the detailing tool set I have inserted wood framing members (i.e. section views of studs, and blocking) and depending on what class is active when I insert them they assume either a red line color, or a green one (for example). what I want to know is how that behavior is created. In other words, I cannot find a detail that I want to insert, and need to create one to use. But, like the detailing toolset I want to be able to use it repeatedly and to have it assume class attributes when I insert it, or move it to a different class.

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