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Live three-point perspective sections?


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Am I right in saying we have no way of creating live three-point perspective sections in v2012 (or any arbitrary 3D section view for that matter)?

The only options appear to be either one-point perspective with a Section Viewport or resorting to deprecated and static Cut 3D Model command.

You can make a section viewport on a design layer and set the view to anything you want.

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Thanks guys. Vincent, how have you gone about modelling your roof? Have you used the roof face tool for the structure and then something else for whatever your finish is, or have you used roof face for that too?

A combination, the 'top' is Roof Face, the rest is extruded polygons with skylights subtracted and windows placed as symbols.......this is not a very complicated roof but required quite some work as you can imagine!

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Try without wall components showing......

Didn't work. Interesting that slab and wall components aren't showing even though I had that option on though...

Silly questions Christians... but...

1. Is your class 'Section Style' visible in the drawing? and

2. If it is, does it have fill (and pen) attributes set to something other than 'None'

Not silly, but 1 and 2 are as they should be.

The section objects just doesn't show in certain render methods. It's a bug for me and I have listed this a long time ago. Was in v2011.

Suspect you're right, although changing render mode to say OpenGL didn't work. Perhaps something to do with it being a Design Layer Viewport?

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