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On occasion when I use the walkthrough tool I get a really skewed view of the model....where all the axis look like they're stretched somehow. Other times I get a proper perspective of the model. What setting is wrong? Sometimes - the walkthrough tools works fine, then all of a sudden it changes to this skewed view, and I can't get it back to normal. What am I missing?


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This occurs when there is a large difference between the Viewer Height (height of Eye) and the Look To Height (height of what you're looking at). The easiest way (for me) to control this is to start with a view from either a RW'S Camera or the Set 3d View Command, making sure that both heights are the same, or close to the same. Try starting with both set to 5ft, then fiddle with it from there. I can usually tolerate a difference of about 3ft (eg: camera/eye height = 5ft/ look to = 8ft) before it starts to bend my brain...

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