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I have a problem with a few VW2008 files that we are currently working on. We are using Macs running Leopard and Snow Leopard and the problem persists in some of the files. Basically when you select an object (line/polygon/rectangle) and try to change or apply a new color or class style it refuses to accept the changes and remains in its original state. The only way we have found to solve the problem is by copying individual layers one at a time into a new fresh document but this means setting up our sheets and viewports again which is time consuming and annoying...! The files themselves are quite large (10000sqm school over 3 floors) coming in at around 30mbs. I know my description of the problem is sketchy but I was wondering if anyone had experienced and similar issues. I can email/dropbox a file for someone to test if necessary.

Regards and thanks


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It works as expected in VW2009 (the oldest version I have on this machine). I can change attributes successfully, change classes of objects, and change the attributes of the classes.

I know a lot of people say that they are running 2008 on OS 10.6, but I think 2008 is only supported up to OS 10.5.


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Hi Chris...

As far as I am aware we never imported a dwg into this file. This file (before deleting everything) is the GA Plans file for a large school in Ireland that we are designing. There are 3 floor plans on separate layers and also a roof plan. Then the usual viewports and sheet layers etc etc. Nothing too different to other files we have here in the office. Yes we have also had this issue before but on a smaller scale drawing. In fact I think another of the files on this project has had to be completely renewed (by copying and pasting into a new file). Very odd indeed.... and very annoying too..!



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You sure you didn't bring an OS Plan in? This is the only cause of this issue for us previously and is caused by forgetting to untick "match lineweights to colors" when you import the OS.

It's like a little trick question to give to your colleagues though..."bet you can't change the colour of that rectangle!"

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