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VLX Symbol?

Lee Rose

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It's true that the VL500 and VLX are similar, but they are not identical. The VL500 can hang as close as 19", while the VLX needs 21". I know it's not a big difference, but it may matter in some cases.

The VLX is built on the yoke and base system from the VL3000 series, so I suspect this accounts for the small difference.

One more point to note, the VL500 with the 120V lamp and the VL500 with the 80V lamp are slightly different sizes also. This might not be immediately apparent looking at the VL website. The VL550 series has done away with the 80V option it seems, so I suspect all of the VL550s are the same size.

I speak having been burned by these differences once before. I hope this prevents a similar mishap for someone else,


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Thanks for those tidbits. Here's my advice, then, in terms of creating a functional symbol for a VLX with minimal effort.

I would use a VL5(00) as my base. Duplicate the symbol, and add whatever graphical or textual indicator to distinguish it. I always add a dashed circle to indicate clearance for my mover symbols (which I also have in its own class). I would then set my clearance circle to 21". That should be enough information to both accurately space your units and for the crew to hang the plot.


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