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  1. OK, maybe it's me. I haven't been doing much with 2017. Still working w/2016. Went to create a viewport from an object but the option is not there. When choosing "Create Viewport" it doesn't ask me about using the selected object. I can't find anywhere to reset that request. Any ideas?
  2. OK so an update. I decided to go ahead and rebuild another Instrument Summary in the drawing. Build it out and it was fine. Then when I went to the Sheet Layer for the light plot the text we overwritten again. I went back to the Instrument Summary on the Design Layer and it was OK and I noticed that it was on a Class that I use called Lights-Focus. I use this for focus notes and lines and it's not on in the normal light plot distribution prints. When I changed it to Lights-Key the text was overwritten. When I changed it back and the Lights-Focus class was on the text was normal. Did a workaround of moving the focus notes and line to Lights-Key and kept the instrument summary on Lights-Focus. Will re-address this some other time when I have time to futz with it some more. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas what might be causing this. PS: Another issue is that I put a "Note" in the Instrument summary but it does not split lines at the end of the "text width" variable. It just increases the overall width of the entire Instrument Summary to accommodate the note width.
  3. OK, so this is a new one on me. Working in Vectorworks 2016 SP2 All of a sudden in a drawing I'm working on the 2nd line of text for each instrument type in the summary, usually the weight, is being drawn on top of the 1st line of text. I've played with the Width, Column offset, Item Spacing, Text Distance and Text width. All do what they are supposed to but nothing is preventing the weights (and/or Lamp Types) from writing directly on top of the fist line of text in each item. See attached. Any thoughts out there?
  4. I noticed that as of 2016 the symbols are broken down into separate files as opposed to the single manufacturer file with separate folder inside. Exported some ETC folders into my personal fixture file but they ended up scattered around with my other folders. Now I'm trying to group them into an ETC sub folder of my Conventionals folder. I have selected them, but can't drag and drop them. I right click with several selected and there is a "Move" option but when I click it, nothing happens. Any thoughts, help, instructions?
  5. OK, maybe I'm missing something. I was trying to insert symbols along a curved balcony pipe at an even spacing. Is there a simple way to do it other than duplicate array on a circle with figuring the degree of the pipe curve?
  6. Hey Vectorworks; I recall having a conversation at LDI last October about the idea of a dialog box that would allow you to batch export files to various other Vectorworks release versions. As a Service Select subscriber, I have the current version of Vectorworks 2013 however many of my associates and clients have various other versions. It is really annoying to have to export a version for each of them separately. At the Vectorworks booth, you guys said that would be an easy addition. How about it?
  7. In the truss object dialog box, set hang angle to 90 degrees.
  8. Savy Symbol Key is a fabulous way to customize your legend keys. A really excellent program and a great buy as well.
  9. Has anyone got a Vectorworks VLX symbol? Vari-lite has 2d drawings on their site but, as usual, they are way too detailed to make a decent symbol.
  10. I just sent an email to a guy I know at Elation asking if they'd develop a library of symbols for their fixtures. Will let you know what they say.
  11. Thanks but that is 2d. I'm looking for 3d or hybrid.
  12. Anyone out there seen a symbol for the Martin Mac 3000 fixture yet? The Martin web site has a huge (and way to detailed) dwg of it but the light has been out for a year and I was surprised to see it's not in the Martin library in 2011 Spotlight.
  13. Ran into a weird action in a Spotlight drawing with Vectorworks 2009. Every time I insert a lighting fixture, it shows up correct for a second, then converts itself to another type of fixture and has the data from that fixture already in the record. Different fixtures inserted always convert to the same (fresnel) fixture with the data record. Does it both from the spotlight instrument insert and the 2d symbol insert tools. There are no user script files in the drawing. Have done "save as" and it still happens. Have purged all and it still happens. Any ideas out there?
  14. Tried you suggestion, but it didn't work. Numbered fine as AlphaNum, but then was blank when I tried Num.Num.
  15. I've found an issue in numbering of multi-circuit lighting fixtures. When I built a Par bar of 6 and used it in a drawing, it will multi-circuit unit number in the A.1, A.2, A.3 or 1.A, 1.B, 1.C formats but will not unit number in the 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 format. Has anyone run into this? If so, have you seen a work around?
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