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Paul H

Best Computer Setups For Vectorworks. Mac

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Hello all.

We are going to be making the Leap from VW 2010 to 2011 soon. Not big since we update every year. We have tried it out and renders much faster.


I am looking for optimum computer setup for the MAC.

We are pushing BIM, and Nice Renderings! Tired of Revit Renderings looking Better then Vectorworks. Also Looking into Cinema 4D

Currently I Run

Mac os x 10.6.4

Processor 2x2.8 GHZ Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Memory 8GB 800 MHZ DDR2 FB-Dimm

Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 2600 VRAM 256 MB

This seems faster then a newer computer in our office with these specs:

Mac os x 10.6.4

Processor 2x2.26 Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Memory 8gb mhz 1066 Mhz ddr3

Graphics card Geforce GT120 vram 512 MB

We are wondering if we should update the Graphics Cards.

We also want to find proven systems. What Graphics card will work the best. I have found the 3000 dollar graphics cards, but what will they do. If i have a file that renders at 3 minutes at Final Quality Renderworks, what would that 3000 graphics card do it in?

Or is it all about the CPU?

Thanks all.


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It's all about the CPU. And RW is multi-threaded so the more the better. A 12-core 2.93GHz Intel Xeon Mac Pro beast perhaps?

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You will benefit from better graphics cards with more RAM for your day to day drawing however.

Cinema has the ability to network render. So one might wonder, if you're going for really high end renderings, why bother with one really expensive machine when you can get 3 or four machines working together. I've not tried the porting back and forth yet between VW2011 and the new Cinema, but if it's as seamless as they claim, that would be my solution. The rendering engine for VW may be based on Cinema, but it's still not as fast.

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Any settings to make VW use All my Memory. Seems like it does not touch more then 4 gigs.

Any other settings to Speed it up?

Thanks for the Incite on cinema being able to do network rendering. I was wondering if Vectorworks would ever do it.

Thanks all.

I think i am in the mental state, of why can't things be faster. It is leaps and bounds better then when i first started Architecture, but we all seem to want more.

Does announce out there just do renderings for architects. They always seem to have the Best system setups.


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