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How can i explode symbol?

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Should work. 1st step has to use the Modify/Convert/Convert to Group (Cmd K is the key shortcut). The standard Modify/Group command (Cmd G) does not work for this.

If there are nested symbols or groups, a dialog box appears. Choose the bottom one for Convert All.

Then Ungroup (Cmd U) repeatedly until object count in OIP does not change.

Some people use the word "explode" to mean reducing all objects to primitives, for example reducing a rectangle to 4 straight line segments. The command for this in VW is Modify/Decompose.

Post a VW file with the symbol if this does not work for you.

Please make yourself a profile with a signature in this forum's My Stuff tab near top of the forum window. Show your VW version and a bit about your OS and hardware. That helps with troubleshooting.


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