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  1. i think everyone is comparing VW 2010 to VW 2011, so all is replying on it..... However, I am still waiting....
  2. hello friends, I am going to decide for future investment, I need your help Please tell me what VW can't do that Archicad & Revit can do? I have some point to tell you which might help you to guide me... 1. I am from india and there are very very few users of ArchiCAD or VW 2. Revit is still on a beginner's stage here but growing fast, but find it's system very difficult to co-operate with indian working methodology 3. a very strange thing, ArchiCAD is cheaper then VW. 4. I found ArchiCAD is very good in teamwork but other thing is lacking 5. Revit files became very heavy & UI is very numerical type 6. i know littler bit of c4d so the collaboration can be better with VW (but don't consider it) 7. I havn't find such great collaboration with revit & max. 8. there is only dealer of VW in india, which is not in my region/state. please help me choosing the right software, ask me any question if you want to know more Thanks a lot
  3. it doesn't work, if i convert symbol to group..... the symbol remains the same I want all object entity different as it was before making symbol
  4. is it possible to explode symbol in VW 2010 as it is done in AutoCAD blocks?
  5. But..... why this video's are stupid home made one? and running away from somebody?
  6. Hey Jonathan, I know, I must have to have AIR. But, error comes up.... and still I am not able to resolve the issue, Does anyone know? where I can find the uninstaller in snow leopard?
  7. Thanks for your reply.... But....... I can't install AIR and can't find the PDF version also..... any other options?
  8. Hey Friends, I am looking for 2D furnitures, Is there any 2D default libraries in VW? or any other way to get it? Thanks a lot Himanshu Thakker
  9. Hello friends, i have just started on VW, However, I can't find help in it, is there any other way to install it? Plz reply fast Thanks a lot
  10. Hey Guys, Here, as per our local working system... The main thing I required is..... Integrated workflow (with other rendering programme and structural programme), Bidirectional association with all views, ease of use (for me & for CAD technician), as about 95% people over uses AutoCAD and if I go for VW, I have to teach it to my employees. There is no Authorised dealer of VW in my region either. does VW have all this? with compare to other BIM package? and please somebody please explain me about IFC dataset... and how it is useful? (as I had never used it for Revit or ArchicAD)
  11. Hey Jonathan, That's for Version 2009.... I want for 2010
  12. Hello guys, I wanna learn VW, I had been on NNA web to purchase tutorial manual, Essential & Architect.... But.... I can't connect to Estore of NNA, Is there any problem with outside US sales, as I am located in India? Is there any other place where I can get it (is it nor available on amazon)?
  13. Thanks Christian..... Now, Now I am looking for nice reply
  14. Dear Friends, This is my first post on this forum, I am an architect from India. I had read a lot on this forum in last 1 month. Actually, I wanna a know about several BIM platforms and then go for one which can suite me... I know abour revit & Archicad, both can do basic things very well, but when you try to do something odd, it just sucks you. I don't like ArchiCAD's GDL system for new custom parametric objects, An architect just can't do it. While Revit takes the hell out of me in it's Over systematic (also very mechanical) workflow, you have to learn more of software system then your design. Both are not very good in only 2D work. I wanna discuss here, Which one I should go for Revit 2010 or Vectorworks 2010?
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