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2012 Beginner Questions - Title Blocks, Fonts & Minor Stuff


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Hi, my questions are really simple and I'm sure they've been answered before, but after searching the knowledgebase/help files/forum I haven't been able to find them quickly. Please point me in the right direction.

- Custom title block: How do I snap a rectangle to the page border/layout?

- Title block: Is there a way to set up drawing info. so that items such as 'Project Name' update automatically in all titleblocks? (Like in Revit)

- Fonts: When I click "text --> fonts" only half the list of fonts appears on my screen. I know I can change the font type in the object info tab, but how do I access the entire list of fonts available via the "text --> fonts" list? (screen resolution is 1680x1050 max)

Any help would be much appreciated!



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