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  1. Yeah, it's so tough when you use a program for such a long time and ways of clicking / shortcuts are engrained. I've been there too It's going pretty well now! The largest challenges for them, like you say, are drawing/editing objects + polygons rather than lines. building vs. drawing is such a great way to put it. The 'trainees' have even tought me a couple tricks now such as hitting a shortcut key twice to bring up the properties. In hindsight I probably should have invested in one of the beginner training manuals for them as well. Thanks again for your time to reply! Good luck also. j
  2. Fantastic advice everyone, I really appreciate your replies & the ACAD guide. Things are definitely starting to click now.
  3. Hi, I'm teaching 2 co-workers how to use Vectorworks, but they're 'old school' in their drafting methods ie: everything is done with 2d linework in AutoCAD. The ideal VW workflow is much different (and in my opinion better) but they're quite resistant to change their ways. I understand why, since they've been doing things one way for 15+ years. They get excited about VW when they see what I can do with the program but then they get frustrated trying to use it themselves. I could really use some advice to help them make the transition from AutoCAD to VW. Any tips, tricks, compromises and/or success stories would really help me out. Has anyone else delt with a similar situation? Thanks and sorry for the long-winded post! j
  4. It helps to do an advanced search where you select the VW Version you have and specify a date range ie: posts within 1 year. Otherwise, I agree. The support I've received on this forum is so great, but the format is out-dated and too time consuming to search. An example of a really impressive forum is this one: http://forums.luxology.com/discussion/ j
  5. I think that text set to be on 'layer plane' might be the culprit (or one of them) I'm having a lot of these problems too and finally did a test: - with geometry only in a drawing, open gl was fine. - added some text set on the 'screen plane' and no problems. - changed the text to 'layer plane' and suddenly it did the whole build list... render... freeze-up. Then when it stopped and I switched back to top/plan view I got the "destroy list" message.
  6. I know this thread is from a while ago, but here are results I had using polygons + tapered extrude: Just create 2d polys then select them in groups of 3 or 4 at a time and chose model -> tapered extrude with varied parameters each time. This literally took 10 minutes to create & texture. Cheers, J
  7. I agree that more contrast with the shadows would help. Thank you for the input. I'll play around some more with the bg's, their rotation and some directional lights - see if I can get everything in sync.
  8. OK - adding some ambient light did help a bit. I set it at 15% I also didn't realize that I could go beyond 100% for the RW background resource brightness. I put it up to 200%. For 'draft03' I added two directional lights set at 85% & 35%. Seemed to work well also. (photoshop would probably be great for eiditing brightness etc. if I had it) Thanks for the help! Jen
  9. Hi, I'm getting great results with interior renderings, but struggling with realistic looking exterior lighting. In my first render (draft01) I used HDRI lighting only, and the shadows are so nice/soft. I can turn this into a great 'dusk' type shot, however, I also need to do one with more light. What's the best way to do this? If I throw a directional light in (draft02) I lose the soft shadows. And if I increase the 'exposure' under custom renderworks, it seems to increase the saturation too much. I'd really appreciate any advice you have -Jen
  10. Hi, this is kind of a difficult question to explain, so here's a scenario: I have my exterior walls drawn and I know I want an interior wall 5' away from one of the ext. walls. In ACAD I could hover over the ext. wall, drag out an 'inference' line and type in 5'. The starting point of my new wall would be 5' away from the ext. wall. Currently I draw an int. wall and use a dimension line to set the distance, but it seems less speedy. This was about the only drafting feature I liked in AutoCad is there some way to do it in VW? Or is there a faster alternative? Thanks! Jen
  11. Hi, I know this has already been mentioned but just want to re-iterate. I'm happy with renderworks & 3d visualization, but I find it very time consuming to hatch my elevations in 2d. With any of the current hatching methods, if I change my roof pitch or move a window then I have to re-do the hatches. This pretty much defeats the purpose of having semi-live viewports of a 3d model. The best solution I've seen on the forums is to have an additional setting in the 3d object's properties (where the render/texture settings are) that will allow you to specify hatches or images for rendering modes other than renderworks such as hidden line. I really hope to see this feature in the next version of vw! Thanks, Jen
  12. To get my stairs to show up on multiple levels I put them on a separate layer that I created called Mod-Stair (which is turned on in main and upper floors in viewports). If using the 'height by layer elevations' option, the lower level must be set at 'Mod-Stair' otherwise the stair will automatically be placed on whatever layer is selected there. It's definitely a struggle to get the results I want from the stair & railing tools. Hopefully these will be improved! Jen
  13. Hi, my questions are really simple and I'm sure they've been answered before, but after searching the knowledgebase/help files/forum I haven't been able to find them quickly. Please point me in the right direction. - Custom title block: How do I snap a rectangle to the page border/layout? - Title block: Is there a way to set up drawing info. so that items such as 'Project Name' update automatically in all titleblocks? (Like in Revit) - Fonts: When I click "text --> fonts" only half the list of fonts appears on my screen. I know I can change the font type in the object info tab, but how do I access the entire list of fonts available via the "text --> fonts" list? (screen resolution is 1680x1050 max) Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jen
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