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Dimensions Not Adding Up

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I was just starting to dimension a job and I found that the Linear dimension and the chain dimension do not add up. They are both snapped to exactly the same location but the chain dimension in this one location is 1/8" longer than all of the rest. Any idea why?

I wanted to post a JPG of it but don't know how to do that when starting a new topic.

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Where are the directions for adding the file? I have tried with the file manager on the full reply screen but it appears to be one of those days that absolutely nothing works right. I know this was discussed a while ago but I cannot recall where.

I do not use the grid snap and I attached both ends of the chain dimension line to the ends of the linear dimension to make sure they were identical lengths.

I will try a seperate e-mail to Ray and see if that works.

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Vista is not user friendly when you are trying to change extensions. I have posted as a txt and it needs to be changed back to a zip file.

The problem that I had was on the lower level with the telepost dimensioning. It's only 1/8" extra but then I don't know what else might be wrong later in the project. It happened both in the Mod file and the viewport annotation.

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It's rounding the dimensions in the chain dimension. Select the chain dimension and in the OIP (Object Info Palette) set Prec: to 1/64. You will see it is closer to adding up but still not exact. Whatever you snapped to when setting the chain dimension it not precise. If you set your units to decimal it will add up exactly.

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Thanks Ray. I have never had this happen before. I can't use decimals or my contractors will lynch me. I just found it strange that I attached the chain dimension to the ends of the linear dimension and they still came up different.

I will try the paste and new file next time I need help.

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