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Undo - can you extend (limited to 12 undo's) can you undo drawn info only?

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In our training we were told undo can only go back as far as 12 (or 14) times.

I asked if this can be changed, i was told "don't know".

So, can i extend how many Undo's are allowed?

Also can i further set somethign up (if nto in VW alread) that seperates out undoing of


Drawn infromation.

There are times when I donot want/need to undo class information, but do drawn.

here we go

There are many undo seperate functions in acad. I must admit, when these first came about i was not impressed. However, i have become a fan and utilised them often.


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Vincent with the Undo View Changes set to Never there will be only one view change. ie the change from the current View to the View when the last edit was made. All other View changes will be ignored.

Yeah, thanks Mike i know, I've already wishlisted a setting where even this view change would be left out........ie. never for me means never.....!? Why not call it 'single view change' instead?...and leave the never to actually mean never (no view changes).

This seems strange when you consider that there are 2 arrows to undo/redo view changes on the view bar as is........

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