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I a designing a landscape plan with working drawings-Sections-Elevations- Site Model. I have a Grade Plan and would like to show a vertical scale for a section depicting the grade changes. I am unable to make a vertical scale showing the elevational changes on the sheet layer at the right scale. When I make such a scale on design sheet and create a Viewport for the sheet layer the vertical scale does not appear. I have checked to see if the class is active. What am I overlooking? Thanks.

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I am assuming that you want the vertical scale to be different than the horizontal scale. If you want to have a profile with an exaggerated vertical scale you need to use the "Site Model Section.." command. It normally lives in the AEC > Terrain > menu.

To use it you have to draw a polygon (for the section line) and with that polygon selected run the command. It creates group of lines and is not a 'live' section so you won't see object beyond the section line. The result has the appearance of the 'profile's you see on engineering drawings for roadways and other linear corridors.

Other than the vertical exaggeration this command also has the advantage that it can draw a profile with an irregular cut line. Functionality that I don't think exists elsewhere in the program.

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I am guessing the "vertical scale" you are creating is a grouping of 2D objects you have created on the screen plane while working in an elevation view (front, back, left, right) on the design layers. This may not get you what you want. Dimensions, text and other notations are not 3D objects and live in the screen plane. They can be transferred to the new layer plane of VW2010, but they will not display as you expect.

When on the sheet layer, make sure that "project screen objects" and "display planar objects" are checked for your viewport. You'll probably find that your 2D "vertical scale" that you drew doesn't display the way you expected. You are better off to mark vertical dimensions and references using annotations for your viewport. Double click (or right click) on the viewport and choose annotations. Anything you draw in the annotations area will be in scale with your viewport.



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This is a great wish list Item. Draw a polyline across a site model and create a profile(section) at a specified Horizontal and vertical scale with grid lines and lables and Stations. This could be a VSO. The inital profile could be existing. The ability to draw a proposed profile on the section which creates site modifiers on the site model would be a significant enhancement. The application of additional site modifiers such as a street or swale section at intervals along the proposed grade on the profile and polyline path would be useful .

I have created a set of four or five scripts that enable me to do this. NNA We need this!

Dave Clinton


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I am out of town for the next week. Yes I have improvised a set of scripts which create an existing profile from a poly centerline on a DTM. A proposed 2D polygon profile can be drawn on the existing profile and converted to a proposed grade with vertical curves and stations. Another script creates a road section with pavement with, R/W width and berm slopes, etc. A subsequent script creates a set of site modifiers along the centerline on the DTM which have the properties of the road section and elevation of the proposed grade in the profile. The final script creates fences.

When the DTM is updated the proposed DTM appears as a roadway. The contours show the crown in the pavement, curb, berm and side slopes.

Please furnish me your Email address and I will furnish you one of my site plans containing the roadway scripts.

My email is greatdavidc@mac.com.

Please feel free to experiment with them. Although they have their limitations I feel that they are much better than the VW method of creating roadways with stake objects.

I am an engineer and surveyor and my programing abilities lack sophistication.

It is my hope that NNA could implement an enhanced version of this methodology in future versions of landmark.

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I have scripts that will produce an existing profile section of a DTM from a polyline path. One of the scripts enables one to create a proposed profile in the produced profile and create a 3D site modifier and/or apply a section with a number of 3D site modifiers along the path of the polyline (usually a street centerline).

I have devised some methods to make modifications and edits, however these methods do require numerous manual steps.

To make a 'Live' plan/profile is beyond my present programing ability. I have seen this feature in other software and would like it to become a part of VW.

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