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Transparent Image Background

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I have tried repeatedly to import a PNG file with no background. But VW always puts a black background in the image. In the past, when the added background was white I could usually just turn off the object fill. But that is not the case here. I normally keep GDI imaging turned off, but even with it on, I get a background.

I removed the original black background in an image editor. Then I saved the file as a PNG. I used the PNG optimizer to save with Alpha Channel transparency. I import with PNG compression.

VW2009 not only opens the image with a black background, but it also replaces some of the white highlights with black drop-outs.

Any suggestions to import the file without a background will be appreciated.


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have you tried removing the background and saving as a giff file, this is what i have to do to get rid of backgrounds when importing into indesign for company logo's etc.

if you search google for 'how to get rid of white/black background in photoshop' there are loads of tutorials/guides to help you.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Converting to a GIF file would lose most of the detail in the earth image.

The original white background was removed in a photoshop application before it was imported into VW. The problem with my first attempt is that VW automatically added a WHITE background to any bitmaps without background pixels. I fail to see the logic in that, but I suppose it must be a technical limitation.

What puzzles me now is why VW would add a BLACK background instead of the normal white??? The answer to that might suggest a solution to my current problem.

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Hi JHEarcht,

it looks like a bug to me.

You can however get to use your image with a transparency by creating and applying it as a new texture or by using it to create an image prop and Use Mask >Create Mask > Transparent colour. / Alpha Channel.

You can even use a separate file as the mask.

Good luck with it.

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I finally gave up on VW and used a Desktop Publishing app as my graphics editor. Apparently the transparency code produced by my el cheapo PhotoShop substitute (PaintShopProX2) does not mesh with VW's requirements. My el cheapo DTP did the job very well. But for manipulating multiple objects VW is my preferred graphics editor.

Transparency has always been hit or miss in my experience though. Maybe that's because I'm too cheap to buy the world standard software like PhotoShop and AutoCAD.

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I agree with BCD. Creating an Image Prop and then using the alpha channel should do the trick. Also on you using VW as a graphics editor why not just use the subscription option from Adobe for Photoshop, it is only $35 per month and they have a month-to-month plan.

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