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Shingle hatch opacity issues

Andrew Mac

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I was hoping to find out what I am doing wrong- When I try to change the opacity on a polygon shingle hatch I am unable to change the opacity- When I draw a rectangle with the rectangle took, and add my shingle hatch- I am successful at changing the opacity level- Why can't I change the opacity level on a polygon shingle hatch?

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I have experienced the same problem. Changing the opacity on a polygon does not change the opacity of the hatch, just the surrounding line.

The box on the left is drawn as a polygon, the one on the right as a rectangle.

I am running Vectorworks2008.

Ultimately, what I would like to do is have all of my hatches be at a 50% opacity while the surrounding line is at 100%. But, the line surrounding the hatch, and the hatch are controlled by the same properties, so they can not be controlled independently as far as I can see. And, I print in "black and white" so using gray for the hatches won't solve anything.

The only way around this I have found has been to draw duplicate items, one with the hatch and no boundary, the other with the boundary and no hatch. A bit tedious.

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