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Callout changing text width by itself

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I have placed a bunch of callouts with boxes around them for use as keynote indicators. I placed them all, worked on the file, and now they've gone a bit crazy on me.

All of the two digit callouts have changed from horizontal


to vertical



If I simply double click on them to edit and enter without changing anything, they go back to horizontal.

Can anyone tell me why this has happened and how to prevent it from happening again? If not, any ideas for easily fixing them all - without having to edit each individually?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I don't think that's the problem. The size of the callout box hasn't changed. I created the callouts and entered the keynote numbers and they all looked fine. I then did other work in the file over many days. Then, I went back in to make some final edits only to discover that the two digit callouts now looked wrong. If I double click on the incorrect callouts and select OK without changing anything, the numbers return to a side by side configuration (see keynote 35 in my previous attachment.) The size of the text box doesn't appear to be changing.

Bottom line is, I put the callouts down and they looked fine. I came back some time later and they didn't. I didn't do anything to change them in the mean time. It looks like VW just wigged out on them.

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I have had the exact same problem with no solution. In my case I narrowed it down to a specific computer that seemed to be causing the problem. I made sure the fonts on all computers were the same and all copies of vectorworks and OS x were the same. The callouts appear fine on the suspect computer but when the drawing is opened in another computer the callout text is wrapped.

I wish there was more feedback on this but it seems to not be happening to everyone. I see we are using different operating systems. The file where this first appeared was a VW12.5 file. I have not noticed the same behavior in files created in VW2009.

To try and narrow it down, Do you have always left justify text selected? I draw my callouts from arrow to text instead of text to arrow and have not experienced the problem but others here use the default text to arrow.

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It has been a while since this has happened to me. Not sure what I've done differently. Just seems to have subsided.

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I draw my callouts from arrow to text, and always use left justify. I agree that it seems to be a suspect computer, as I have matching, fonts, VW versions etc. I think it was happengin in 2008 before we upgraded to 2009 as well.

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