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Hi when i customise windows, they do not show up in hidden line rendering in the elevations? its like they aren't cutting through the wall correctly? They are there in wireframe and are definitly "in the wall".

Any ideas????? (ps its been happening for a while and NOT a recent thing. am just fed up of it now!)

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Make sure that the symbol in the OIP is "Symbol in Wall"

If it is a 2D symbol it has not been inserted correctly.

Make sure that your 2D and 3D components are matched in plan.

Make sure that the 3D element does not have any spurious information, and that part of the symbol makes the wall break.


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Thanks for your help, however its not a symbol, its from the windows that come with vectorworks and it definitly says "window in wall" you can see the outline of the window, but its supposed to be three casements together all with muntins and you cant see any of that detail. the windows i've inserted that are just "bi-parting casements" and are not "custom" you can see all the detail including the muntins etc.

So frustrating.... it means i am only allowed 2 paned windows, not 3!!! i shall go and tell my client that now... grrr.... :o(

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Yay!!!!!! finally after about a year!!! thanks very much. although its still a bit silly to have jamb depths of 52 instead of a nice round 50! but if thats the way it is, then so be it! Thank you very much. Im now a happy bunny and what a good way to end the day! Cheers! :o)

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