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Music on the front page, you didn't did you?



A gentle rant for the person(s) who thought it would be cool to auto-play music on the front page of the Vectorworks website: it's not. It's a naff idea.

I woke up my girlfriend late last night in bed and now I just scared the hell out of myself this morning on my desktop machine.

This is what I expect from adolescents on MySpace, not the people designing my CAD software. If you can't bare to remove it, do yourselves and your readers a favour and at least add a large mute button.

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Jeffrey, I have four reasons I don't hold back when it comes to criticising NNA:

1. We pay you a lot of money

2. My income is somewhat reliant on you guys

3. I spend much of my waking hours using and experiencing stuff you've created

4. My expectations and experience of NNA are very high and I want to keep them that way

Please please never take my criticism personally. It's never intended that way no matter how it sounds. I think you guys do a wonderful job all and all.

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I went back to the page (with the sound off).

I realized there's a whole video there, not just the graphic equalizer.

But that's all I saw as I got blasted on day one...I came in through the BIM page (looking for a new project on release day)...navigated to the home page and quickly hit the back button on my mouse.

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Maybe a different entry page for regular users instead of new visitors, so we don't get blasted when going to the tech forum or looking for other information.

I realized later the coloredd bars are a new branding/logo thing, but I think they are a lightweight image compared with the relative sophistication of the rest of the site design. Just an initial gut reaction.

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