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match arial axonometric


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I've done a little masterplanning exercise that involves plugging a building I'm working on into a linear park. Now, I've just found a neat arial isometric axo someone has done of the whole area I'm working in.

I want to layout the arial image then keep it 'still' while I 3d rotate my building to establish the same view, then save it and use the arial image as background in a sheet layer.

Any ideas or am I being daft? I thought it could work as long as the layers arent stacked, but that would mean merging my building into one layer to get it set up which sounds like a recipe for disaster. Or would it be better to make a new file, extrude an approximation of the building (enough to get the setup right) then copy/paste my entire (pretty complex) building model in from the original - and losing the drawing setup (viewports, sheets etc..).??

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If the aerial view a 2D image or a 3D Model?

If it is a model, then just drop your building in the correct location and set the view to whatever you want.

If it is a 2D image, check out Matt Panzers's Camera Match tool at www.panzercad.com. It will be discussed in an upcoming episode of the PodCAD Podcast. It will pay for itself in time savings the first time you use it.


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