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Mike Wilkinson

Windows Won't Insert Into Walls

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I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem.

I have imported a Survey DXF file and am working up my Garden Design with the Survey under the design layer.

I inserted the walls of the building and then the doors, when I came to insert the windows and clicked on the windows button nothing happened. I then got an error message saying:

?An attempt to define a Plug-in Object named ?Window? failed because a Symbol Definition with that name already exists in the current document. The entire operation is cancelled?.

Can anyone tell me what this means and how I can correct it?

Mike Wilkinson

VectorWorks LandMark 2008 SP3 (Build 88670)

Windows Vista Ultimate SP 1

Intel Core 2 CPU


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I would guess that you have a duplicate symbol or class or attribute named window that has been imported with the survey.

I don't know how you are working, but what I recommend is to keep the survey in a standalone file and reference that file as a design layer viewport into a new file that will solely be used as your design file.

This also avoids issues with importing files in non VW formats that may mess with other things.

I have a layer called Survey that simply contains a DLVP (design layer viewport) referencing the external survey file that has been converted to Vectorworks format. This allows me to easily control what elements of the underlying survey that I want to see without having a mass of unwanted classes in the main design document. Often, the information that I want to see from the survey quickly diminishes as the design progresses.

Doing this keeps things simple.

Also, unless you are going to build a 3D version of the plan, you may find it easier, quicker and graphically superior if you ditch the built in walls, doors and windows and use basic primitives such as polylines, rectangles and lines instead to represent these. I have come across people struggling with placing walls and sizing windows and doors when all they really want is an outline of a building and positions of doors and windows in the same style that they had when using technical pens.

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Just to expand on Ian's message, VW has a single "Name Space" that means that one and only one object can have a certain name.

What this means is that you can't use the same name for a symbol that is used for a tool or a plug-in object or even a layer or class.

When you import a file and it has classes called window or door or wall, you won't be able to use those object types since the name is already taken.

If you go through and edit the class/layer lists and change those names you should be OK.


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