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Blue Bar Blinking

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Can anyone tell me what is going on when a simple operation in VW2008 (in win XP) causes the blue title bar of the window to flash as if it is about to lockup? Sometimes it does lockup, but more often it just trembles and hesitates before executing the command. Something about the calls from VW to the operating system seem to be disturbing the system, and it's freaking me out. So far, VW2008 is much less stable on XP than VW12, in my experience.

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An associate of mine is a big fan of dual monitors for each of his computers. I was sceptical of the benefits until I saw him working one day. Now I understand exactly why he has it this way. He uses large flat panel screens with one dedicated solely for his CAD work - everthing else is on the other monitor. Works a treat and totally overcomes the issue of not enough screen territory.

Michael, if you are losing a quarter of your screen to palettes you need a bigger monitor, or perhaps two bigger monitors.

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