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UnInstall VW2008


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I have asked on an earlier occasion the method to delete the VW2008 program. 99% of programs have an uninstall feature or the ability to remove using the control panel. Since VW2008 does not I was told to simply send the Folder to the recycle bin which I have just tried. As i guesed it didnt work, instead it comes up with an error saying that various files are being used by another program. I have been told this is the reason that most rograms come with the ability to uninstall as only a handful of very basic programs dont lay there roots into other areas of windows. How can I remove VW2008 efficiently so I can reinstall on a different drive?

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I have a MacBook Pro 2.33GHz. I upgraded from VW12.5 to VW2008. Afterwards I could not start the program. The first screen appears and then a message - "No valid serial numbers have been found, please enter one now." I entered the correct number numerous times and it repeats the same message.

I called VW and spent an hour working with the agent uninstalling pieces and reinstalling VW2008. Same response. After several rounds of that, I did a clean install of OS10.5, installed VW2008 and got the same message. Whenever I install VW2008, the first or second screen shows my proper serial number, then disappears quickly as the install continues.

Obviously, VW2008 doesn't like Leopard or VV. Frankly, I don't think VW knows what the problem is or how to fix it. I hope OS10.5.2 update will fix it. It to would be nice to get a frank admission from VW that they don't have a fix for this.

Now I find that VW12.5 is corrupted in Leopard. When I snap a line, it is invisible until I release and the line becomes visible. Same for dimensions - the construction line is invisible until I release, then the dimension shows. I see from other posts that the problem exists elsewhere on this discussion board.

BTW, VW2008 works fine on my Power Mac G5.

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