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  1. I am drawing patent drawings. I drew a tank, then did an isometric rotation to show off the features. I tried to put text "Fig. 3" on the dwg, but the text is invisible. I tried layer plane and screen plane with the same result. Apparently, there is no text there (as opposed to being invisible), since I cannot select it for deletion. Would appreciate suggestions.
  2. 99%+ of the time when I am duplicating a circular array, I want to click on the center of the target and duplicate around that center. VW11 grays out the "Next Mouse Click" button. This makes no sense. Does anyone know a workaround. Maybe this is a bug. Thanks
  3. I just got an email from a VW support person. He said if I used the Mac migration tool to move VW from the old computer to the new one, then this can occur. He said to uninstall and reinstall VW2011.
  4. vw2011 and Lion are PARTIALLY compatible, so far. Many of the icons in the tool sets have a big red X through them and they won't work. Those without the X will work. Error message says something about making sure the plugins are in the same folder as the app (they are, of course). Waiting for VW to issue a patch.
  5. I have VW08 and VW09 installed on my Mac. I haven't used VW08 for a long time, but keep it in case I have an old file that needs work. However, every time I click on a VW09 file, it tries to open it in VW08. It won't open it of course. So, I go to get info and pull down the App menu. It shows VW08 with default written by it and VW09. I select VW09 and click on the Convert All button. Bottom line is this does not work. The settings are not changed and the story repeats itself. The only way I can run a file in VW09 is to open VW09 first and then open the file from inside. Need some help.
  6. I have drawn a piece of pipe. !0.375" OD, 10.02" ID x 42" extrude. It looks awful. It is a octagon shaped pipe. I tried setting the preferences/3D/conversion res to "very high". Made no difference. I set the document Preferences/Resolution to Full resolution and the outputs to 300DPI. I know this is for printing, but thought I would try it anyway, since I can't get anything else to work. Ideas? VW09 PM G5 Dual 2GHz 3GB
  7. I use VW09 Mechanical on the Mac. I have been plagued for years by a problem I finally identified. Several years ago VW crashed my whole computer. Corrupted the file extensions so I could not read VW files. Screwed up other system functions. It took me ~ 6 months to get my computer back to normal. I had to delete my user profile and start a new one. Lost a lot of info. Now that OS 10.6.3 is out, I have had some system crashes as well. Corrupted the file extensions, but I was able to redo them with the Get Info commands. This time it didn't destroy my user profile (thanks Apple). I finally found out what is causing the crashes. Poor memory control. I watched the Activity Monitor as VW tried to convert a file to DWG. I started with 1GB of free memory. When it got down to 6MB the whole system crashed, not just VW. This is extremely poor memory management by VW. I now keep the Activity Monitor open all the time to gauge whether VW will process a memory intensive file or not. Since this is certainly what happened 2 years ago, VW doesn't seem to care. They add functions and raise the price, but don't get the basics right.
  8. I am designing a solar system to sit on a building. I have the system drawn and a picture of the building in my VW09 drawing. I cannot superimpose the DWG over the picture. One blanks the other. I have set all the class and layer options to show/snap/modify others, but to no avail. I made two layers and messed with the opacity settings. Nothing works. I don't know anything else to do.
  9. I just loaded my copy of VW09 and read in a microscope stage. VW09 wouldn't draw one of the plates! It gave an error message saying to draw it again. The plate is very complex and I don't want to have to do that. It also drew the holes with a very low resolution set of polygons. I think this thing was put out half-baked.
  10. Juan, What I didn't put in the post above is that I have been fighting this problem for a month. I called tech support and spent an hour with a tech, reloading, reentering (s/n),dumping files, etc., etc. Nothing worked, including a complete clean install on two different hard drives (internal and external). VW2008 works fine on my PowerMac G5 running Leopard. I am lost. I have many files transfered over the VW2008 and now I can't run them in 12.5.
  11. Katie, I am one of those for whom VW2008 will not start (invalid S/N bug). Since I can't click on "check for updates" button, how do I get this update and will it fix my bug? I have the 12/17/07 update, which does not fix the problem. Is this a different one? Is there any way to go into the terminal mode and get around the bug? ________________ MBPro 2.33, Leopard
  12. GRC

    UnInstall VW2008

    Ted, Thanks for the heads up. It worked. Now if they could just get VW2008 going.
  13. GRC

    UnInstall VW2008

    I have a MacBook Pro 2.33GHz. I upgraded from VW12.5 to VW2008. Afterwards I could not start the program. The first screen appears and then a message - "No valid serial numbers have been found, please enter one now." I entered the correct number numerous times and it repeats the same message. I called VW and spent an hour working with the agent uninstalling pieces and reinstalling VW2008. Same response. After several rounds of that, I did a clean install of OS10.5, installed VW2008 and got the same message. Whenever I install VW2008, the first or second screen shows my proper serial number, then disappears quickly as the install continues. Obviously, VW2008 doesn't like Leopard or VV. Frankly, I don't think VW knows what the problem is or how to fix it. I hope OS10.5.2 update will fix it. It to would be nice to get a frank admission from VW that they don't have a fix for this. Now I find that VW12.5 is corrupted in Leopard. When I snap a line, it is invisible until I release and the line becomes visible. Same for dimensions - the construction line is invisible until I release, then the dimension shows. I see from other posts that the problem exists elsewhere on this discussion board. BTW, VW2008 works fine on my Power Mac G5.
  14. When I start VW2008 (OS10.4.11 or 10) a message comes up at the start saying there is no valid serial number, please enter. I enter a number and the same error screen returns. I am locked out of VW2008. I called tech support and we worked on it for over an hour, deleting this and that, rebooting, reloading VW, etc. Nothing worked. I loaded OS10.5 on an external drive, loaded VW2008 on it and it worked. It works on my older PMG5 running 10.4.10. I can't use 10.5 yet until IT tells me they have worked a network bug out. The odd thing is it worked on my current machine (MBPro.3.3 Intel) until I installed 10.4.11 update. I have done a complete reinstall of 10.4.10, but no luck. I am dead in the water. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Michael, Clicking and holding the mouse wheel does nothing on my system. Do you have any particular setups? ---------------------------------------------------------- Ben Gravely Dual 2G G5, VW12, 10.4.4
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