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Vectorworks and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

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For the sake of others could people stop implying that VW 2008 works well with 10.5.

I'm not blaming NNA for the fact that last minute changes to leopard broke compatibility with VW2008, but I don't understand why this KB page:


still exists. Leopard is out, NNA is aware that there are problems, they are working hard to fix them, where is the honesty?

There are known incompatiblities with VW 12, not 2008.

VectorWorks 2008 is a functional, stable edition of VectorWorks fully compatibly with Leopard.

If you are experiencing problems with VW 2008, please report them in a new thread, and send an email to both bugsubmit@nemetschek.net and tech@nemetschek.net.

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Bob at GDA

Why don't you just run two computers - one to play with new operating systems and the other to do some work on.

If you really wanted to just work efficiently wouldn't you just use the system that did that best

If you want to use VW 12 use the system that best works for YOU rather than expecting NNA to be responsible for your choice

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I wasn't a big fan of avatars before, but Gerard you get my award for best VectorWorks Message Board Avatar ever...

That wouldn't, by any chance, be Calvin?


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