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  1. VectorGeek, I would have to second your thoughts. This shows how much NNA cares about its users. My thanks to them.
  2. jda, Sorry I don't have any help for you but I just wanted to say that it sounds like an amazing setup. Hope you get the bugs worked out. Good luck.
  3. Christian is right, this is a hard question. You should consider that NNA is going to Update 12.5.2 for Leopard but I would think you could expect to see some of the same problems as 2008 is having with this scenario until it matures. You should also be aware that Apple just released OSX 10.4.11 for Tiger users so that will enter into the mix also. Best of luck with it.
  4. "WHAT - OSX Leopard users using VW 12.5 are NNAs largest user base." No, this thread is about VW 12.5 users running OSX 10.4.11 which is NNA's largest installed user base. It is also about their wish to be able to use Leopard. I see no reason for you to be so upset that NNA is going to help them do that. I am glad you are happy with your purchase of 2008. You should be. I am sure it is a great upgrade. There are a lot of VW users that can not afford to buy every update to VW or can only do it on a schedule dictated by a company's budget. If you have just convinced the boss to buy 12.5.2, it is going to be a little difficult to go back to him or her and request that they buy the latest version. NNA agreeing to fix 12.5.2 to work with Leopard keeps that user base happy until they can upgrade to 2008. A happy user is more likely to buy the upgrade that pissed off user so this was a good move on NNA's part. Peace.
  5. it is not madness, it is actually quite calm right now. NNA is going to issue a fix for 12.5.2 to help its user base. I find that quite admirable. What is your problem with them taking care of their largest installed user base? They are helping these people to make them more profitable and recoup some of their lost time and effort from having to do a total reinstall of their system. Is it your remorse that you rushed to upgrade to 2008 and are now pissed at the money you spent. I can not help you with that. This is a good thing for the community as a whole and it is the community that I care about. I will be buying VW 2008, just not yet. I have been using this software since Minicad version 1.
  6. Apple did not create the problem, Apple created a new operating system which it delivered successive builds to application developers and giving NNA the benefit of the doubt, the last build broke things. My complaints came from my concern for people that got no direct warning from NNA to not install the new system. They notified us via email that they had fixed 2008 but gave no message that 12.5.2 was hosed. This was my biggest complaint. They have said that they are going to release a fix and I am happy with that as you should be. I can spell "Duh" also.
  7. If it is then we get to go back online and start complaining and have this fun all over again. Life is good.
  8. Petri, Glad to know there are Kinky Friedman fans in Finland! I don't think it needs to be free except for the most recent purchasers (which does not include me). A reasonable fee for this should be understood by users. Hopefully NNA could make some money on this. Oops, there goes that pesky pie hole again.
  9. Katie, With that statement I will shut my pie hole. Everyone should give a big thank you to NNA for this. I do.
  10. Petri, Yes they happened to coincide and this fact was not hidden from anyone. NNA has a serious PR failure in this regard. They blew it. I want them to pick themselves up and make things right for these people. I kidded you in an earlier post but I want you to know that your opinions are valued. I may not agree with you tonight, but tomorrow might be a different story. Everyone's opinions contribute to this forum and they all help us sort things out. I still feel that NNA failed its 12.5 user base in its handling of this situation and I want them to act to correct the problem and expand their user base. Not piss off existing users to the point that they switch to AutoCad. That is a big enough battle already.
  11. Katie, You just told this guy that VW 2008 was compatible with VW 2008. Honest mistake but a correction is probably warranted. Thanks in advance.
  12. "Beggars can't be choosers. Few - if any - software companies sell licences of superseded software; even fewer update superseded versions to work with all the latest machines and operating systems." Apple just released Leopard and they are still working on update 10.4.11 for their Tiger users. I believe Apple issued 10 updates to 10.4 and I don't remember any of them breaking VW 12. NNA probably had to update VW to handle some things but I don't remember a melt down like this (I could be wrong). This is part of the reason you are seeing so many people upset by this. They didn't expect it and they were not warned. You can say that it was posted here or there but if Linda Carmody can take the time to send me an email touting NNA's efforts to make 2008 compatible, she could probably take the time to add a line saying that 12.5.2 was not compatible and do not install Leopard if you have serious work you have to get done. Going back to an old system install is not a fun task and is certainly not productive time spent. These people are losing some serious money because of this. NNA, please just give these guys and gals some information they can depend on to make decisions with. Tell them you are not going to update 12.5.2 or tell them you are and give them an estimated timeline and if there will be a cost for it. If so, so be it, but let them know so they can make good decisions for the future of their business. And... Thanks for the great tools.
  13. Gerard, Thanks for the feedback to all of us. I would still suggest you guys and gals that are running 2008 on Leopard start a new thread for this subject to reach the appropriate people. From what I have read I think some of the problems are stemming from machine differences. Some have good experiences and others not but I don't have 2008 to allow me to give any good information. That is why yours is so important. Thank you for it.
  14. pwb2103, I would suggest you start another thread with this subject. This one has been up for quite a while and is really a different topic so the people that need to hear your message may not be reached by putting it here. I was not aware that 2008 had issues and I think it important that you let people know. Thanks for your effort in trying to do so.
  15. Kerry, You are not alone. You might be interested in another thread here which should be found at: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=89744&page=3#Post89744 Best of luck with it.
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