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Camera Tool Question

Mat Caird

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Hi All

I am using the Renderworks Camera tool to set up my scenes. My project origin and my page are positioned bang in the center of the floor plan model.

When I choose "display camera view", the 3d view (it's bounding box)is positioned way off center, meaning I have to pan and zoom to find it.

Is there a way to trick the camera into positioning it's view on the page?

Does this question make sense to y'all?

Thanks in advance. Mat

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Yes. I have muddled through this as well and my workaround is to simply SELECT ALL and then FIT TO OBJECTS and if you don't have too many 2D objects spread out (or stack layers is on) it does a reasonable job of fitting to your window.

I have long wished for a fit view to window command or default option and even wishlisted the issue but there was not much response so maybe there is an easier way out.

Probably not what you were asking for......

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