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Katie / Tech Support/ anyone out there?

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pls review and reply side scrolling posting (copied below)

Got upgrade and the sideways scrolling feature of my sideways tilting scroll wheel(zooms in and out if I roll wheel, scrolls sideways if I tilt it)does not work. I have a Logitech laser mouse and the sideways scrolling is a great feature I use CONSTANTLY to move / pan my drawing.

I've downloaded latest drives from Logitech, I was told by phone tech that VW 2008 might not support this! Please let me know how to get this feature back since it plays a major role in my workflow.



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YES, Katie, I used it constantly (VW 12.5.1)

as I said this was a great feature in the mouse, and allowed me to easily move through drawing with one hand mouse movements only, no cumbersome two handed manouvers required!

Please follow up and let me know how I get it back.

Thx panthony, that's a good tip, but is a coarse work-around since cannot adjust amount / speed of scrolling.


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If it worked in 12, it should work in 2008.

It sounds like a setting is not set properly either in the mouse settings or somewhere else.

Between using it in VW 12 and now, did you change any settings?

I know after updating drivers, devices usually default back to original manufacture settings. You may have to do as Pete says and change a setting or two in the mouse device application.

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Speaking of mice, I have recently gotten the Apple Mighty Mouse. However, while the scroll wheel works very well with other apps, it does not work so well with VW 12.5.2.

With the mouse set to zoom via the scroll wheel, things zoom at a frenetic pace, almost uncontrollable.

Because it's so sensitive, when you press the scroll wheel to drag the drawing, it zooms in and out when you don't want it to.

Resetting the mouse settings each time I want to use VW is not a good option.

Any suggestions?

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I am using a Logitech wireless Laser mouse on my MacBook Pro notebook. In order for it to work properly, I have uninstalled the Logitech software. When doing some research after first installing the software and observing strange and disconcerting behaviour, I found that generally, most people advised removing Logitech's software and just using the OS settings. The feeling was that Logitech's drivers weren't particularily stable or friendly to either the Mac or XP OSes.

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