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  1. The text is created by the Door or Window PIO using whatever text attributes are attached to the PIO. I'm really surprised that there are not any functions that cover this.
  2. Basically, I'm trying to set the text size attribute of door or window PIOs so that the text of the label is a certain size. It would be the equivalent of selecting a PIO and the choosing a font size from the text menu, except that I am going through all of the PIOs. I always thought that font and font size were attributes like pen size or line weight that could be applied to each object, but I can't find anything in VS to access or set these particular attributes. One possibility is from the Get/SetObjectVariable series, but I cannot find an appropriate selector for the font size attribute in the documentation.
  3. Hmmm. This one isn't working for me. Is there a trick with the start and end parameters?
  4. I thought SetTextSize was just for Text objects, but I will give it a shot. Thanks!
  5. Is there a function that can set an objects text size attribute? This seems like it would be something obvious, but it escapes me. I'm still on 12.5 BTW. Thanks!
  6. This is one of the reasons I was asking for a hybrid group in a previous posting.
  7. We are holding off on purchasing 2008 for a couple months. I recently updated my Logitech drivers and the installer wiped out all of the custom preferences I had done.
  8. I have the same kind of logitech mouse on a mac, and updating to the latest logitech driver will definitely wipe out any preferences you had previously.
  9. The "whiskey bar" song was written by Bertoldt Brecht and Kurt Weill in 1927, but popularized in the US by Jim Morrison and the Doors in the 60's
  10. Maybe something's lost in the translation from the original German. Edit: Nevermind. Even when performed in the original German, the song was still sung in english.
  11. When the default PIO Parameters aren't doing it for us, I create a record with the additional fields, name it "(PIO Name)Extended", and add relevant columns to the schedule.
  12. To anyone who has gotten their hands on it... How well does the new 2-way worksheet feature work? Does it work well with customized worksheets and schedules where multiple record formats are referenced in a single row?
  13. Generally, 2D isn't so hard. 3d requires some work.
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