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Copy>Paste w/ Align, Stack, and Link Layers

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Since I found the functionality handy, I have reinstalled the Align Layer Views command in my custom 12.5.2 workspace and I have a couple of questions regarding this tactic.

1. Is this asking for trouble?

2. Was the align layers command relegated to legacy because programmers felt that stack layers made align layers obsolete?

3. Additionally, do any of these view aspects affect the pasting of copied objects from one file layer to a different layer in a different file. More specifically, if I copy an object that is 10 ft. above the ground plane on one layer in File A will it be pasted 10 ft above the ground plane on a different layer in File B when the layer pasted to is at a different height than the layer copied from?

I always thought that such copy>pasting placed the object at the same height above the bottom of the pasted layer...regardless of where the ground plane lies.

Sorry for the basic question but it's late in the day for me and I'm having difficulty with my model set up while trying to transfer components of one file to another.

Maybe I have a corrupt file or layer setup issues. Thanks.

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Only Architect has Stack Layers so Align Layer Views is still in the Workspaces for Fundamentals, LandMark, Spotlight and Machine Design. Therefore there shouldn't be any problems with adding it back into your Architect Workspace.

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bc, in my experience copy and paste-in-place is to object coordinates, regardless of the view set in a layer and also regardless of whether the source layer has a z value. If you use layer z values, that can affect where the object appears in a layer link (its height is always augmented by the z value).

Quite apart from all your questions, I just ran across a weird issue with Align Layer Views. I was editing an extrude in a symbol, and inadvertantly hit my key combination for Align Layer Views. After that event, all my OpenGL perspective views were white - in wireframe rendering they looked correct. I was able to get my perspectives back by going into a plan view of a layer and re-executing Align Layers.

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To conclude this and simplify: copied objects are pasted in to a layer with the same xyz coordinates that they had in the layer (file) they were copied from. I mistakenly assumed they were pasted to the bottom of the layer when passted into a separate document. Silly me.....have I got it right now? It seems this is true with my experiments.

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