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rendering ceilings

Mat Caird

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Hi All

Has anyone got a quick and easy solution to get a white ceiling, with a soft pool of light showing from the light-source?

I have tried using the matt reflectence shader, winding diffuse right down, and ambient right up. Of course, then I need to wind up the layer lighting level, which washes out the rest of the scene, but does give a nice white wall.

If I dim the light source, then the shadows on the rest of the scene aren't as nice.

If I move the light source away from the ceiling, then the overburnt area just occurs somewhere else.

And I haven't got time for radiosity.

I could build a lampshade.....then I get a huckery shadow from the edge of the shade. I could add another light, shining upward, with cast shadows turned off.

But I really wanted something easier.

Any ideas anyone, and thanks in advance. Mat

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