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Room Finish Schedules


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Has anyone figured out how to create multiple room finish schedules within a single file? I have a large file with many room names, different viewports, and sheets, in which the room finish schedule will not fit on a single sheet. Is there a way to break up the room finish schedule to see only the spaces on that particular sheet, and then have an additional schedule on the next sheet showing these spaces?

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When a schedule gets too big for a sheet, I usually duplicate it and then edit the database criteria (by right-clicking on the database header row) to narrow the range of the database- usually by layer. Narrowing it by room number is a possibility also. Sometimes you have to edit the criteria manually though.

Word of caution: pretty much anytime you mess with the database criteria in a worksheet, you have to redo the sorting.

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Or, you could create the full schedule on a design layer and then create sheet layer viewports for each portion of the schedule. Simply draw a rectangle around the portion of the schedule you want, leave then rectangle selected, then invoke the "create viewport..." menu command. It should prompt you with a question about wanting to use the selected object as a VP crop. Say Yes and specify the sheet layer you want it to appear on. Lather, Rinse, Repeat....

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