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  1. Jonathan, I'm assuming the times and dates listed are New Zealand times and dates. Is this correct? So for example, on the west coast of NA they would be ahead 21 hours...
  2. Try looking at the 'Insertion Options' in the Wall preferences for your particular wall. Under 'Link Height to Layer Delta Z' you may have inadvertently added some number in here which will cause the wall to be inserted above or below the Z height.
  3. Matt, my suggestion was regarding the animation features you were looking for eg opening doors, etc., not rendering qualities which OzCad's add-ons aren't designed to deal with. :-)
  4. I've been given some unrelated files to work on from a client. Whenever I do certain operations in any of these files, or use certain tools (ie nudge, zoom, etc.) I get the following message: "File is currently in use by another process. Specified file is currently open, so it cannot be replaced." This is occurring numerous times each hour. The files are very basic, have no workgroup referenced files, are 2D only, have no rendered views, no linked layers, VPs, etc. Any ideas what is causing the message? Any suggestions for getting rid of the message?
  5. Matt, have you looked at Julian Carr's Animation Works Add-on? It does what you want I think...
  6. Are there specific default hatches that aren't changing? Also, I'm not experiencing your problem with Polygons. Could it be that sometimes they are adopting the class opacity which may be different?
  7. Yeah I lost a couple of hours with this last week. Two windows with the same settings but one showed the glass correctly but the other didn't. Then after opening and closing the file (after crashing!) they appeared okay. Still don't know what happened...
  8. Thanks Tom! This was exactly what I had been looking for. Couldn't seem to get it to work before but now it does. Forgot to switch back to Top/Plan View...
  9. Michael, try playing with the setting for '3D Conversion Resolution' in the '3D' tab in VectorWorks Preferences.
  10. Micheal, there is a file with the shapes. On a Mac (don't know about Windows), go to your VectorWorks folder in 'Applications' and open the following file path: Libraries/Defaults/Section - Markers. Open the file 'Section Markers.vwx". Go to the Resource Browser and look at the symbols in it. If you want to change an existing symbol shape, select and edit it in the Browser, then save the file. If you want to add a new one, duplicate one of the symbols in the Resource Browser, re-name it using the same naming convention, change it to your liking by editing the symbol, exit the symbol and Resource Browser, then save the file. When you've done the above, open your drawing, draw a section line, and change one of the markers. You should see your new marker in the pop-down window that appears. Select it and you should be on your way! Hope this helps!
  11. Select the section line, go to the Object info palette, and click on 'Set Marker Styles'. When the window opens, click on either the beginning or end marker and change it. (See the attached images of the windows.) Once you've got the styles you like, with the line still selected, use the Attributes Palette to change line style, weight, colour, fill, etc. Hope this helps!
  12. Doughd look at the 'Two By Four' font from My Fonts at . Its not free but its only around $12.00. I actually like it better than the other fake hand-drafted fonts and use it for schematic, conceptual or 'Doodled' drawings. I don't use it for working drawings though...
  13. Thanks Chad for your suggestions. I opened the files up today and now in the VW 2009 file the tiling is working fine (!!) and in the VW 12.5.3 file it partly works. (Unfortunately the client uses 12.5.3). With the VW 12.5.3 file, the symbol will tile but only when it fits perfectly within the object. If the object is smaller than the original symbol, it doesn't insert it at all. If the object is larger than the original symbol, it only tiles the area where the whole symbol can be inserted/repeated completely leaving the rest of the object blank. Its definitely got me scratching my head! :-) I can only figure it must be something in the original VW script which unfortunately can't be edited or looked at.
  14. I have created a symbol and added it to the Default Library 'Tile - Symbols'. It shows up in the Resource Browser of the default file, and I can select it in the list that appears when using the Tile Command, but it doesn't actually get placed in my drawing. I select the symbol from the list that appears and it seems to run through the script but nothing happens. I've tried this in 12.5.3 and VW 2009 (SP1). Any ideas?
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