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Rendering Light


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I'm fairly new to renderworks, coming from 3DS Max.

I've got the basic idea, and for the most part i can make anything look equally good in both . . . except for lighting. Creating the light, and light quality arent really my issue, but i do know that in MAX i can tell light not to affect a certain object, or for an object not to receive light. I've had little success in RW.

any help?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello again Eric:

The emit and receive options are to tell radiosity that the object re-emits light to its neighbors, or receives indirect lighting from its neighbors. They are not used to control shadowing or what lights affect the object.

If you are trying to keep objects from casting shadows, create a texture resource and uncheck the "Cast Shadows" checkbox in the Edit Texture dialog. Then assign the texture to the object that should not cast shadows. The Spotlight instruments already have certain parts set to this kind of texture, to keep parts of the instrument visible but not casting shadows.


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