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  1. just out of curiosity, what are the functional problems that leopard has with 12?
  2. Ahh the purge button . . . Thanks Mickey. I told you i was overlooking something stupid!
  3. are you talking about a label lenged? what version of VW are you using?
  4. 12.5.2 Absolutley nothing is imported.
  5. Try refreshing the instruments, see if that helps.
  6. I hadnt noticed until i had to email a file to someone the other day . . . But a very simple drawing of a space that consists of nothing but walls floor and pipes . . . all 3d . . . is 162mb. What am i doing to get such a large file? the pipes are extruded circles, the floor is poly, and the walls are just from the wall tool . . . so i went and looked at some drawings i've done in the past few months and they all seem to be excessively large, and i cant find a reason why. Im not saving any viewports, not caching anything . . . im sure htere is something im overlooking.
  7. What version of LW are you using? that also tends to mess up with import / export
  8. Ericoxer


    What do you mean having trouble trying to get them to show up? just a gobo catalog? Are they not showing up when you render?
  9. thanks guys, that does help!!
  10. I'm sure its possible, im just not sure how. What material do i have to build in order to render a cyc properly from rear a projected source?
  11. try changing your workspace to spotlight.
  12. ok, so its just in radiosity, not renderworks or (obviosly) open GL. Ok, i'll try that. That should get my focuses working better, and i assume this can used to keep the light from passing through the instrument itself . . .nasty nasty shadows.
  13. Sweet! Some news from the inside!! Thats exactly what i was looking for . . . but i can't justify upgrading just for that . . .
  14. I'm fairly new to renderworks, coming from 3DS Max. I've got the basic idea, and for the most part i can make anything look equally good in both . . . except for lighting. Creating the light, and light quality arent really my issue, but i do know that in MAX i can tell light not to affect a certain object, or for an object not to receive light. I've had little success in RW. any help? thanks!!
  15. That much i know. I was jsut wondering if i could create my own style . . . i guess not
  16. Does anyone know of a way to create or add to the arrow list for line ends? i just want something a little more me than the 5 or 6 options VW gives . . .
  17. Im not sure about this, i'll have to try it later, but if you can format those cells to be integers or numbers rather than general or alphabetic, that may help you.
  18. you can edit the container symbols to have the lines. Then when you go to create the label legend, grab the containers, place them as you want, then copy the X/Y to the the actual legends.
  19. I see in in the new update that the label legend will rotate with the instrument perfectly. But, now if i have an instrument that i turn upside-down (downstage), the text of the legend is also up-side down. I've looked, but i can't seem to find a way to make it right side-up again without creating another legend.
  20. In theory, you can turn any object into a hanging position, and place it anywhere you want. I usually just draw a line, give it no color and turn that into a hanging position. All you need to do then is reference the instruments to that hanging position in the object info palette and you're set.
  21. Heres an update on my situation. After i go through the first dialog, i command . twice, and that seems to do the trick. what is going on?
  22. I was having this issue a while back, couldn't solve it and left it as it was. I'm now in the situation again where i desperately need to create a section viewport, but im running into a few problems. Just for fun, i've created the most simple 3d drawing i could: an extruded box. nothing big, jsut a couple feet in each direction. I start the process, and after i create where i want the section to be, the program hangs while waiting for the first dialog. After 5 mintues of this, i command period, and that gets the first dialog up. I do all my settings, low 3d everything, and click ok. Then everything just comes to a halt. I cant access anything else on my comp, and the program crashes. I have a fairly new computer (Blackbook 2), updated to v 12.5.2, nothing else is running. help anyone?
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