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We are a small Architecture office using OS X. We type all our note files in Word and paste them into VW. In order to retain our formatting we use a feature called copy as picture that is only available in Word 5.1 (and earlier?) This has saddled us with Classic. Classic is a bit of a resource hog and I understand that Classic will be abandonded at some point.

I wonder what other Architects using OS X are doing for notes. Please share.

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One way is to save as RTF, then open in TextEdit, then copy and paste from TextEdit into VectorWorks. This keeps rudimentary formatting such as text styles, etc. (I can't remember but you may not have to copy into TextEdit first).

The other method is to print to PDF from MS Word, then import the PDF into VectorWorks. Last time I did this however I had issues with resolution.

You may also find you can copy and paste from a PDF and retain some formatting too. In fact this is what we do in our office. We create our specs in a Windows program called NBS Builder (a UK-centric spec writer), which can export to PDF... at which point we copy and paste in VectorWorks, retaining paragraphs, bold text, font, and font size, and then organise into columns to suit our A1 layout sheet.

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