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3D light postions dissapear in plan


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I am having a frustrating time setting up my lighting grid in V. 12.5. I want to draw my grid as a collection of 3D object pipes so I can assign the correct z value above the stage floor and create an accurate section view. However, everytime I convert a 3D object into a light position it dissapears in top/plan view. It reappears accurately in a side or isometric view, so I know it is there. But I need the plan view representation so I can place my lighting instruments.

I tried creating a symbol from a 3d obj first and then inserting it with the light position object tool. The created symbol worked in all views, but as soon as I placed it as a light position it once again dissapeared in plan.

The 2D light positions I create work just fine (but obviously don't project into 3D views.) I'm working in show/snap/modify for classes, I have a few classes set to invisible as they would crowd the drawing, but "none" is set to visible. This just doesn't make sense.

Is this just an inherent problem? Is there a way around it? Right now I'm about to tear my hair out.

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Rick is correct, you need 2D data. When you convert a 3D object into a Lighting Position, it becomes a Hybrid Object, and the only 2D data in your are the text.

Actually, if you edit your symbol in 3D, from the top view, you can draw a rectangle directly over your 3D pipe. This way you will be sure the 2D and 3D are aligned with each other.

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This is from a thread last fall:

Here is the order of steps. Try this in a fresh, layerless, classless file.

1) draw a line

2) select the line and copy it

3) create symbol... - make sure that you select "leave instance in place"

4) right click on the newly made symbol in the resource browser and select "edit... 3D"

5) select "edit - paste in place". The line that you copied in #2) should paste in place.

6) extrude that line.

7) exit the symbol.

8) reselect the symbol on the page.

9) convert it into a lighting position.

10) now everytime you add the symbol as a position - you will be able to give it a z value.

Note that if you are extruding a line for the 3D portion you get nothing but a vertical plane. In order to get a "pipe", you need to draw a circle, extrude it into a pipe, and then reorient it into the proper position - all while working in the 3D part of the symbol's resource.

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Actually, you can skip a couple of steps.

1. Draw a line.

2. Duplicate line

3. Extrude duplicate.

4. Select both

5. Group

6. Convert to Light position.

You don't need to create a symbol unless you will be using similar positions again (like battens)

In that case:

5.5 Create symbol. (Leave instance in place as necessary.)

6. Place symbol as a light position.


Michael K

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You're right, of course.

Although sometimes, like with battens, I like to create a batten as a 2D/3D hybrid symbol, but not a lighting position. And then use the lighting position tool to place a batten as an electric while using the symbol itself to be a batten...

But that's usually the only time I use the lighting position tool.

Michael K

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