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  1. Yes! it's great that you can add a fixture into a schematic view and have it correctly inserted into the Hanging Position, but why can't you delete one and have it correctly update?
  2. The thing that I found so confusing and finally figured out is that the class assignment set in Spotlight's Lighting Device > Modify Instrument Color Set By > Lighting Instrument > choose class here, acts only as a proxy or alias, pointing to the class that the symbol is actually in. But that action requires then that all other geometry is also in their own classes within a symbol. This means that in order for this feature to work, you have to edit every single symbol's 2d geometry with new class assignments - no symbol libraries work without doing so as far as I can tell... Part of the problem that I was having is that you cannot separate "use at creation" by line weight and fill. Why can you not make a class that has a fill "use at creation" but a line weight without...
  3. Renewing this thread - I'm having this same problem. How can I maintain multiple line weights and styles within symbols while using "Modify Instrument Color" - specifically with color set by Lighting Instrument? What I want to do is to add one symbol (with multiple line weights) into different classes and have them automatically take on the class fill color, but NOT change the line weight. Even if I have the instrument symbol line weights assigned to different classes, the "Modify Instrument Color" option overrides them. VW Designer 2017 SP4
  4. I'm wondering if someone can give step by step instructions on getting a spotlight instrument to render shadows. On rare occasions, I need to quickly mockup a focus, and with the my version of Spotlight (2009) what I used to do doesn't work anymore: -Extrude shape for a 'floor' -Extrude other shapes (proscenium, furniture, whatever) -Add a light (eg source-4 26 degree) -Give light a height -Add a focus point / assign to light -turn on the beam -select render with shadows not enough - can someone help? Thanks!
  5. I knew it was something like that. Thanks!
  6. I must have done something stupid, but now all my reshape handles have disappeared on simple objects like rectangles - I can't find a way to get them back? In preferences there's only the option to have 4 or 8, and I don't have any... Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Rick
  7. Genius! Thanks Pat, that was exactly what I wanted. Rick
  8. Is there a way to relocate the position of the small Vectorscript window that pops up when a script is being run? I can't select it when it appears, and there doesn't seem to be a way to invoke the window itself. Probably there's a .DS_Store file that specifies where it goes, but I'm not sure how to do it? Thanks!
  9. The script forum is pretty active. I bet you could get help within a day from the folks over there.
  10. Autoplot Tools for Spotlight does this.
  11. Edit the saved view that you want to use, and click on the Edit Script button. Paste the script above into the script window and you're done.
  12. If you export to Lightwright, and then import back into Vectorworks, all the info should update according to the Light Information Record after a refresh. Or you could quickly add the information in LW or indeed in Excel and then put it back into VW. The LIR definitely doesn't auto update though - presumably because many of the fields are specific to each unit - channel, color, etc., etc..
  13. VectorGeek posted this excellent script a while ago - you can attach it to a saved view, and it will automatically update when you recall a view (such as the view that you are going to print): Procedure reset_data; VAR h : HANDLE; Procedure doit(h : HANDLE); BEGIN ResetObject(h); END; BEGIN ForEachObject(doit,((R IN ['Data Stamp']))); END; Run(reset_data);
  14. Make sure Smatticus that you have accessories assigned as "static accessories" in Vectorworks. This was new in vw12 I think, so it's possible that if you were merging two files that some of them had the older designation (I forget what that was). Also, in LW make sure that you have a '+' sign in the "separate accessories from instrument types with:" field. I had posted my import / export scenarios a while back, and you can still check them out at this 2 meg download: http://www.box.net/shared/s8nuqgblg8
  15. I figured this out - very irritating: When a field is assigned a container, but does not contain data, the (empty) container moves to the front of the stack. Ugh. - how about fixing that in the future?
  16. What's up with the stacking order of the Label Legend fields? Even when I set the stacking order in the label legend manager, the order doesn't update on the light plot. Is this a bug or a never considered before issue? It really becomes a problem though on complicated drawings when you want containers to overlap (or underlap) lighting symbols.
  17. Thanks Thanks thanks Pat! This works: PROCEDURE 2DTool; BEGIN Message(SetToolByName('2D Selection Tool')); END; RUN(2DTool); Last question: is there a different command that I can use instead of message so that the vectorscript window is not called up? It doesn't work without it though.
  18. I never am able to use the stock import / export / merge routines that come with Spotlight due to other customizations, and so I'm never able to use the "AUTOLINK" button when importing from Lightwright into Spotlight. But... I just figured out a way to do it! If you edit the script "Lighting Device" parameters, and add an alternate name that perfectly matches the Lightwright field's name, the autolink works perfectly. And the added bonus is that in the OIP, you see the alternate name, instead of (in my case) "user field 1", "user field 2", etc., etc.. This saves a lot of time on the import end - making a mapping file unnecessary. Now if there only was a way to avoid loading an export mapping file!
  19. That's perfect! Do you know where the list of CallTool Selectors for other tool sets? I also wanted to use some from the Spotlight set.
  20. Is it possible to select a tool via a contextual menu? Would I need to write a script in order to do this?
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