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Date Format Type in Record?

Jon W.

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Well, the answer may be staring me in the face... but hey, it's Monday.

I just created a custom title block which otherwise works fine. However, when I was linking text to a record, I ran into a problem with the field type. Specifically:

Edit Field > Number > Date > Format > MDY.

When I close the "Number Format" window, return to the "Edit Field" window, and select the "Number" radio button, no matter what I type into "Name" or "Default"--the fields will not accept the data. I've typed letters, numbers, etc., but when clicking on "OK", my machine just patiently beeps at me...

Anyone have a suggestion?



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There are two valid default value formats (that I know of 😆).


When you click on Define and set it to Date, check the format.  By default mine is m/d/yy.  You need the two slashes (for a date) and the values can't be outside the possible values.  So no negative numbers, no zero, no 13th month or 32nd day, etc.


You can also use a time value with a colon as a separator.  Again, you can't have a 60th minute or a 25 hour.


Try 5/5/55 as a default or 1:23.  


Either of those should work.



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I can't quite read what you're typing into the field, (could be the YouTube is still processing the high def and I'm watching standard def) but I assume it's correct.


What happens if you try another format?  mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy?


I tried testing a default VW title block.  It had the date formatted as text and was resistant to editing.  Creating a new field and formatting as a date worked as expected and the date format was editable.  


Have you tried creating a new field?  If that works delete the old one…


If nothing works feel free to send a file with your title block.  

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