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  1. @jeff prince True enough. This would only ever need to be a simple option turned on or off just like the "Auto Generate Page Number" option is in the Sheet Data panel of Title Block Border Settings. Just tuck those two options right next to each other.
  2. A) It would be great to be able to format the Total Number of Sheets field so that I could have a zero before the actual number (ex. 01 of 04 sheets, I'm working with a client at the moment and that's how they prefer their numbering B) For the Sheet Number value, I really wish it would update a Sheet's number based on the actual Sheet Order Stacking. If what is originally labeled Sheet 4 needs to move down the stack to say where sheet 6 used to be, it would make sense for this field to update accordingly.
  3. So here's what I'm seeing on my end: https://youtu.be/tlz1hgm9Rec Would love if anyone can make sense of it.
  4. Coming to this thread all the way from 2021. Having this same issue. Any answers? No matter what I type in the field, It won't let me move on.
  5. Installed both on my Win 7 PC and double clicking the program files doesn't do anything. No program opens. Help?
  6. As the subject line describes, I double click the vectorworks 2013 shortcut in windows 7, and nothing happens. Task manager doesn't show a running process, and this happens even when right clicking trying to run it as an admin. Win 7 SP1 intel i7 2.8ghz 24gb ram 256 Samsung SSD
  7. I now have the new 2010 version, but I can't find the uninstall option in the Add/Remove programs of Windows XP. Any help?
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