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  1. No, there is no "Date" radio button. I only have four choices: Integer, Boolean, Test, and Number. When you select 'Number' and go to the Format dialog, you get nine choices, the last being Date. Is your software different? Jon
  2. Tried that--still not working. Very strange... it won't accept input of any sort in the date field.
  3. Well, the answer may be staring me in the face... but hey, it's Monday. I just created a custom title block which otherwise works fine. However, when I was linking text to a record, I ran into a problem with the field type. Specifically: Edit Field > Number > Date > Format > MDY. When I close the "Number Format" window, return to the "Edit Field" window, and select the "Number" radio button, no matter what I type into "Name" or "Default"--the fields will not accept the data. I've typed letters, numbers, etc., but when clicking on "OK", my machine just patiently beeps at me... Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks, Jon
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