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modifying roofs

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I am trying to create a set of drawings for an addition to an existing house. I have drawn the ex. walls and roof, and have added my new structure as separate layers so I can turn things off and on etc.

I am having trouble creating the opening in the existing roof line to match my new roof. For the walls this is strait forward, but how is this accomplished with the roof? I want to connect the floors and interior walls, etc..

I have tried the clip surface and subtract solids commands, neither of which seems like the right thing.

Any ideas?

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Thanks all, the copy paste method is exactly what seems to work. I hadn't realized that you could paste a poly into an edit group window. Invaluable.

I still end up with a lip where the roof faces join, as the roof remainder is cut square to the ground plane. This is helped by overlapping the roof faces a bit, as I had to do when I used the "create roof face" command set to a specific pitch, the peaks aren't perpendicular to the ground plane. Doesn't this askew my roof framing and materials lists?

Seems to me that the 3D reshape tools should do more to reshape objects.

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