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  1. Is there a door symbol in the program library or another 3D representation for some standard residential bulkheads. We call them bulkhead doors here in New England, the outside entrance by way of a stair to the basement. Anyone? thanks, Cascade Buildesign.
  2. I have tried to set up and get some support for the logitech nulooq device, without much luck. It would be great to have some fly around navigation drivers built-in and put these left hand tools to use.
  3. Thanks all, the copy paste method is exactly what seems to work. I hadn't realized that you could paste a poly into an edit group window. Invaluable. I still end up with a lip where the roof faces join, as the roof remainder is cut square to the ground plane. This is helped by overlapping the roof faces a bit, as I had to do when I used the "create roof face" command set to a specific pitch, the peaks aren't perpendicular to the ground plane. Doesn't this askew my roof framing and materials lists? Seems to me that the 3D reshape tools should do more to reshape objects.
  4. I am trying to create a set of drawings for an addition to an existing house. I have drawn the ex. walls and roof, and have added my new structure as separate layers so I can turn things off and on etc. I am having trouble creating the opening in the existing roof line to match my new roof. For the walls this is strait forward, but how is this accomplished with the roof? I want to connect the floors and interior walls, etc.. I have tried the clip surface and subtract solids commands, neither of which seems like the right thing. Any ideas?
  5. I seem to be running into buggy ground with this one. I can scale and change the properties of this 2d symbol. I seem to lose a portion of the drawing when I extrude (it just disappears) but have gotten around this by creating a tapered extrude without the taper, thereby creating a simple extrude. Exiting the symbol I now have a 3d symbol that appears solid as an open GL rendering. I now place this object aligned with my solid addition, select them both and subtract solid. What I get is the cutout of my image but not a solid, there are no sides, it just looks like my image cut out from 2 pieces of paper with a space between. What am I doing wrong? Does the DWG have to import as a symbol? How else can I get to the final object I want to see?
  6. Ok, that worked, I exported as a DXF file but in VW it imports as a 2D symbol. I cant resize, extrude or change the layer. I would like to extrude this and subtract this solid from a 3d object. Please advise. Thanks
  7. I am having this problem importing illustrator files as single .dwg into an existing vectorworks file. The import is 47k, just a simple illustration. After the import window I can see the drawing but the cursors becomes a clock face and flashes "render" in the upper right corner. has been for 20 minutes, seems like an awfully long time... I would like to be able to do this efficiently to add design elements and illustrations to designs. Anyone's experience would be welcome.
  8. I need to do some post and beam design work. What is the best way to go about this? These are timber frame houses wrapped in SIP or straw bale wall systems. Thanks.
  9. They do look like some fine textures. How are they free? I would like to try out some woodgrain patterns but $60 worth is a commitment. Can someone tell me how to import .JPG into VW as texture? I'm sure I'll figure it out as soon as this posts.javascript:void(0) Thanks.
  10. Wondering if anyone has setup the Logitech NuLOOQ navigation device as a flyover tool in VW Designer 3D drawings? How can I assign basic tools to the navigator buttons?


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