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Shadow maps & Image Props

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I've noticed that when rendering a scene containing image props (xfrog trees) using custom renderworks with shadow mapping enabled, the shadows are generated from the crossed planes of the prop rather than acknowledging the transparent colour mask that's applied to it. Is there a workaround to this or are we stuck with using the sharper shadows?



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Yep, had a look at some HDRI's - as you say the rendering speed is way slower though and I haven't yet found one that gives the sort of scene I'm looking for, probably need to do a bit more investigation but for now that'll have to be on the back burner. Any pointers for good HDRI sources that might be worth a look?



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Hello Keith:

Soft raytraced shadows are a continuing wish for LightWorks. They would have to rewrite their raytraced shadows to do it.

Check this thread for info on where to get some HDRIs off the web:


These are nice:


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