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Cabinet PIO

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What prompted this post was a desire to be able to draw any number of drawers of any depth. E.g., a bank of cabinets 53.75 "high with seven drawers ranging from 15.5" to 4.25"

That is the first road block I came across on a project where a client wants to see, even without much detail, the proposed layout, in 3D.

Do you have any advice?

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My solution may not be as sophisticated as the others, but I' currently designing a long bank of contemporary kitchen cabinets. I created what is essentially the 1/16" gap between doors and drawers. I extruded a 1/16" x 1" x X" bar. I place the 1st one on the cabinet face while viewing as orthoganol 'front view" I play with it, in elevation until happy. Then those 'lines' are true demarcations of cabinetry

separations, in 3D. Past attempts at 3D cabinet boxes, door faces, etc..were too time consuming. I extrude the basic overall box, then a countertop slab, then add the lines to the boxes as described above. What does everyone think?

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