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i'm sinking under a slew of occasionally used classes..time to "consolidate" (fearful euphemism over here in UK employed by business meaning job cuts are imminent)..time to cut down on the classes which I employ..

anyone care to share the ones which they use for UK or US or German for matter residential work

the point of classes is selection whether for purposes of a worksheet, making changes, visibility..but as one goes along these selection issues emerge and tend to be fairly manageable whatever the drawing setup..



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i like it simple too. for res work i use the class names straight out of the VW box. i use the 'purge' command at landmark plan issues to weed out undesireables. i also ammend the class names with the suffix '-Exst' where i am working on existing buidlings....

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hadn't really occurred to me to use the ones out of the box. There are UK classes supplied w 12.5 but I don't understand their very terse labelling. I'm more an more minded to start out w a v basic set e.g wall, partition, slab, footing, column and add to it as the project progresses thru the stages


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I find I start with the VW out of the box, then strip them to a very simple list, for example, take out all walls except Walls-Ext and Walls-Int. Take out most of the style classes. ETC. Then as you go, add in as needed , such as Walls-Demo, or Alternate, or unique conditions. Many PIO's or symbols default to a class, which helps determine some. After a while you stabilize and can take a look at the end of a project and with a bit more pruning, keep that as a template.

If you are working commercial, you will have a more complicated list.

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